You Can Never Lose With ProTools

For this journal entry I actually listened to three of my MUS225 classmates’ projects on SoundCloud and left some constructive comments and open-ended questions on their songs.

Then, in a blackboard discussion forum, I reflected on the following questions:

1) What was memorable for you about the three projects you listened to?
2) Did the projects follow a clear song form? Was it effective?
3) What elements of these projects would you like to incorporate into your next project? (Ex. Try using distortion effects or Use more percussion)

1) The thing that was most memorable about the five projects was:

Shane- His song was very powerful from the beginning, made you want to move (dance) from the start. I absolutely loved the instrument that sounded like a Christmas bell. Shane your song ROCKED!

Maria- Maria’s use of spacing or pausing was very effective. The beat got you excited, stopped, and then came back.

Derrick- With Derrick’s beat I loved how the pitch of the flute went up every time. Made it sound better, and kept me interested.

Geahna- She had a very unique part in the song were she does a rap that was very unexpected.

Mark- His song reminded me of a Kaye West song I heard but I just can’t remember it right now.

2) Well because all the songs are of different genres that I am not used to I’m not exactly sure if the songs were in a song form. However, although there was no clear song form the uniqueness of their songs were effective in the way that they made the songs pop and interesting. I could follow Maria’s song form. Also Derrick’s song didn’t have any digital audio that I could recognize.

3) The element I would want to incorporate into my next project is the element of surprise by having pauses and low points in my song.

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