Wait A Minute That’s Not Music Part 2

The second piece of art I chose is from the American Wing of the museum, the Panoramic View of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles. This art work was also secluded, and being that it was a panoramic picture it had its own room. The room had a doom type shape, and it was fairly dark except for the actual painting. This is actually what draws people into the room, being that most of the museum is well light and out in open space. When you pass this room you instantly see the painting, you get one of those “ooh what’s that” reactions. Personally I was also attracted because it reminded me of a park or University setting. I feel when people think of New York they think of Manhattan, a bunch of tall buildings, not really knowing that New York does have some beautiful open spaces. This painting captured the alternative view of New York.

Although these two works are from two completely different continents they have some similarities. For one, their locations in the museum. They are secluded from the rest of the works from their regions making them seem a little more superior then others, without the hands off approach. Meaning they weren’t behind a glass or roped off such as other works. The difference would be the actually locations and lighting of the works. The Temple of Dendur was so well lite because there was a ceiling to floor window right next to it. That generous amount of sunlight gave you the feeling of being outside. As for the panoramic View of the Place and Gardens of Versailles the painting seems to tell a story. The fact that it was in a dark room with limited lighting give you the feel of a movie theater. This just goes to show you how little aspects, such as lighting and location, can be very important in relation to a work of art.

CT101 Digital Storytelling