Strange Worlds In My Mind

So it’s the end of the semester and I had to do an analysis paper on this play called “Strange Worlds In My Mind” written and directed by Kristine Lee. She is an Asian woman that one day saw an afro-futurism exhibit in a Harlem museum and thought it would be a great idea to write a play pertaining to black history. EXACTLY my first reaction was:

The play was absolutely horrible. The based of the play was about a guy named Sun Ra and the struggles of black people. Okay, so someone please tell me what Kristine Lee knows about the “struggles of black people”. The play was very strange as are her other plays. Don’t believe me about how terrible her plays are? Here is a article in the New York Times about her most recent play entitled “War Lesbian”.  Lee has this way of seeing the world in a weird and crazy way and wanted to do her best to display that in theater. My opinion? Give it a rest sweetie.

After writing and handing in my analysis of the play the TA490 professor gave me B on the paper stating that it wasn’t enough details as to why the play was terrible. However that was by far the worst class/professor I have had yet. I am so glad the semester is over and with that being said:


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