“‘Sexy’ Doesn’t Have To Come With The Price Tag Of Being Dumb”

In relation to one of my previous articles I wanted to expand a little more on the topic.

One female music artist I picked that is creating an identity in our culture is Pink. She is not your average R&B female artist; in fact I don’t think there is even a specific type of music you could associate with Pink. Her music is more of a fuse between pop and punk. She is one of the first female artists to come out with such a strong demeanor and not one person really question her sexuality or make a big deal of it. Of all the years I have listened to Pink I have never once wondered whether or not she was gay, it never even crossed my mind. However, with artists such as Missy Elliott there have been many questions about her sexuality. This blog post actually made me look up Pink’s sexuality and yet there was no clear cut answer, which I loved! I think this quote by Pink sums up every question you have about her:

‘I’ve never felt the need to. I still don’t. It’s just like how everyone’s like, “Well, what kind of music do you do?”’ And I’m like, “I don’t. I just do it.” ‘And f**k it, if you can’t understand it, I’m a mystery bag,’

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