Anderson With The Stats

My Writing For Electronic Media professor asked the class to do a website analysis on the layout of a site based of chapter 6 of our text book.

The website I chose for the website analysis was My reason for picking this website is because I am into sports and I am more familiar with basketball and its website. Its purpose is to mainly give highlights of the games and players of the national basketball league (N.B.A.). I believe that the intended audience for this website is basketball fans, mainly people who already have a good amount of knowledge of the sport and its players. I say this because this site isn’t informational in the sense of giving you a lot of background knowledge; it gives information on current basketball stats.

I think the layout of the website works well here being that there is a lot of information on the home page, the use of headings and subheadings makes the page more organized, which is also helpful for viewers looking for specific information. I find the writing to be very effective while it keeps in mind their attended audience. A lot of the vocabulary used on this site is basketball, or sports in general, related. Using words such as standing, and power ranking, shows that there was an attended audience in mind when crafting this site. Only people with a suitable amount of knowledge of sports would know exactly what words stats, rebounds, and highlights mean.

I think the homepage is very effective in serving as a portal to the rest of the site. Although for some website clouding the homepage with a lot of information just makes it look “junky”, it works here because there are headings and subheadings that break up the information. There are also links to full stories and well as video clips that aren’t available for viewing on the homepage. Chapter 6 talks about deciding how much information to put on one page based off of how you want the page to be viewed. Although there seems to be a lot of information that pops up on a home computer, when you view the NBA website on a mobile device it converts to what is called a “mobile site”. This just helps to condense some of the information making it easier on the eyes.

CT101 Digital Storytelling