Anderson With The Stats Part 2

My Writing For Electronic Media professor asked the class to do a website analysis on the information pages and writing style of a site based of chapter 3 and 5 of our text book. As stated before I analysed the NBA official website.

The information pages are crafted effectively as well with a main topic of the page and mini topics throughout.  There aren’t huge paragraph only about two sentences (4 at most including questions) per section. The color theme of the website is red, white, and blue, because those are the colors represented on the NBA logo. This works well just as stated in chapter 3, it also reminds the visitor of your brand, company, and logo. This color pattern also works because the overall background of the site is blue and the area where the text is located is white. The front is appropriate not too small or too big and the color of the text is standard black. Also as stated in chapter 3 the color pattern of “light on top of dark” makes the text easy on the eyes. The headings have been effectively utilized as well as charts making it easier for the reader to pinpoint certain facts and details.

The writing style of the site reflects who I understand the audience to be very effectively. Being that the audience are sports fan the information here isn’t very drawn out, its quick upbeat and to the point. If this website had been created for someone looking at the science or business side of basketball this would have more drawn out text, details, etc. However, when I think of sports fans coming to the website I don’t think of them spending hours on the page. As it says in chapter 5, people don’t want to have to read while “hunting”. As viewers we want to be able to quickly find or be lead to the information we were looking for. I honestly think that majority of the time they visit the page to prove a point. Typical argument of a basketball fan LeBron James, is he great or just a hype? In this situation any fan can just visit the NBA website and look at his stats, whether it’d be alone or alongside another player.

CT101 Digital Storytelling