Strasbourg the christmas capital

A couple days ago I had to go to a french event in New York for my French class, I ended up finding an event called Strasbourg in Madison Square Park. . The tree they put up was a representation of the city of Strasbourg in France, ” Capital of Christmas .” They had in medium sized gingerbread houses for the children to see and play around it. They told the story behind the Christmas tree in Strasbourg. They also sell apple pie . The lights on the tree were white. The event ended an earlier because of the weather. The tree will be up for anyone to see until December 23. So while I looked more into the event I found that the city of Strasbourg is also known as the capital of christmas. Also the ornaments are made blown glass and ringed with gold lines which were made by the craftsman  of Bethlehem for Strasbourg’s own tree in 1999. They were consider works of art and peace. Strasbourg Christmas market was founded in 1570 and became really popular. So if you’re around Madison Square Park you can definitely go check out the tree.


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