New Piece ….

Im working on a greek themed sketch right now. I decided to draw a sculpture of hercules. In this drawing hercules has a lion head on his own head something like a headdress which basically represents his victory against the beast.


First attempt at this piece. I started off by drawing the lions head once I got it’s head in place I knew exactly where I wanted to put hercules face. I’ve never drew with a grid but now I think of it it’ll probably be way easier. IMG_4269


Second attempt… Continued by drawing the beard and added more detailing to the lions fur.  Also drew Hercules neck. Unfortunately I lost my stub so I’ve been blending shades with my finger.



Third attempt… Drew more detail on the lions fur and more detailing on the neck. As you can see I’m actually nowhere near finish I just got the basic lay out of it down. But as far as shading I have a long way to go I only got the HB and 2HB down. The other shades will bring more depth to my piece and and also help it look more realistic.

CT101 Digital Storytelling