Language Choices o_0

For next semester I decided to take a language class, French to be specific. From junior high to high school I had Spanish class but the teachers that taught weren’t as adept to the language and couldn’t teach it properly. So along the the years I’ve grown uninterested in the language in the whole. Plus I do have friends that are Hispanic that can help me out anyway. The actual language that I wanted to learn was either Japanese of Korean. I’m quite adept to both styles of music and I’ve watched a few of there drama shows and I’ve come to like the language they speak along with the country they inhabit. Sadly my last college and York does not cater to no other Asian language except Chinese. My mind and body isn’t ready for the language and I don’t really know much of there music or culture enough to just jump into the language. I decided to take French since it’s a completely different language to me and it seems interesting. I asked my friends what language I should learn. It was either French or Italian. My friend took Italian so she wanted me to take it but I just chose the opposite haha. I still wish they had Japanese not sure why they have Japanese. I’m sure people would like to take that language.

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