No Messy Spoons





My problem is when I eat soup in rectangular Tupperware. I would sometimes rest the spoon in the corner of the bowl. Then the spoon would fall in and it would be messy to hold. So I decided to make a “Soup Spoon Caddie”.  So I made 5 Designs that will be in the image below.



The design that I decided to work with at first was “V5“, but after receiving some critical feedback from my presentation I decided to merge my design with the rubber band idea, and with the snap hook idea from “V3″. Some problems that I ran into with the Version 5 was the spoon hooking on to the rubber band as I was lifting the spoon up, and toppling the Tupperware over.

Problems that I faced was that I decided to make some rafts for the V3, but I had to change it, because it didn’t  make sense since that the Makerware could generate rafts.



I decided to remove the homemade rafts, then started to build new shapes over the existed shapes. This is the new Version


So I decided to give this model a test print, and here was the result.


The Model for fitting into Tupperware was really a good fit, but the ends or the prongs for holding the rubber-band didn’t print properly. So I wasn’t disappointed , because it was a test print. The Test print was only a 0 percent infill. I really liked it at 0 percent infill, because model had a lot of flexibility when attaching to the rectangular Tupperware bowls.

So I had to make another model with the prongs increases in the scale size. I had to remove the size of the prongs, and added a 2 new shapes to the existing on.


In all I really like how my project turned out, and I am actually  using it. I really like this project, I mean it was hard, but I had a lot of fun learning about 3D printing.

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