Building Kyubu 2.0

So for our hacking and building final I worked with Kirika to improve her mid-term project. So for her project she had built kyubu. My first idea was to make something fly, Kirika had the same plan so we decided to work on kyubu and make it fly. So after taking so advice we decided we weren’t going to have time to make it fly so we decided to make it move, so we decided to turn kyubu into a robot. After long time of doing research on how we would be able t build and working hard  we finally manage to complete or project. So here is a video showing an example of kyubu moving around and avoiding whats in front of it, also of course like any other first time project it collided into a few things. It got kinda stuck in a corner but it manage to avoid the walls but it finally manage to get out the corner, it did hit the leg of the table though. Even though this is our first time building something like this, we did enjoy ourselves and it turned out pretty good.

Also if you guys would like to see my blog for hacking a building, you can see what we used to build kyubu and also how our project went a long the way.


CT101 Digital Storytelling