Ground War

Recently there has been a question lurking around not only in government, but also between civilians that are aware the issue. There are only two reasons why an individual wouldn’t know what is currently occurring in Iraq and Syria: either they are ignorant, or live under a rock. As we all know, ISIS has been on a rampage spreading their reign of terror all across Iraq and Syria publicly since before this summer started. They have since become the most dangerous terrorist group in all of existence. The U.S has started a coalition against the militants that were composed of allies and neighboring countries who fear ISIS may show up at their front door. The coalition is simple, bomb the hell out of those militants from the sky. These efforts have taken out quite a few of these terrorists, but has not done enough containing as they have spread into the like of Egypt and continue to battle strong. The question Obama consistently gives a “no” response to is in regards to the US deploying troops out there. Although he is against yet another ground war in the Middle East in order to keep American lives safe, it is becoming apparent that this will be the only way to truly keep Americans safe and weaken/kill ISIS down to its roots.

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