GIFs are FUN

The most interesting work I’ve done so far is creating GIFs and being able to familiarize myself with Photoshop because I’ve learnt a lot more than what I knew originally. I don’t think the class is difficult, but what seems to be difficult to me is coming up with ideas to create stuff. Yes, my creativity level is low for the most creative class I’ve encounted. Indeed this class is very different to the traditional classes and I’ve found it to be less pressure than others and I honestly have neglected some of my work because the deadlines didnt seem as stern as traditional classes. In this class I’m graded on how much work I do, whereas in other classes you’re graded mostly on your performance in exams. Maybe my motivation level would be higher if I knew how many points my performance is worth but I’m really interesting in creating GIFs for now and updating my blog.


This was the second GIF I ever created but I wasn’t in love with it. As the class progressed I realized that sometimes the stuff you don’t like looks perfect in others eyes! :) I actually feel it grew on me now!

CT101 Digital Storytelling