The Hair Mishap

At the beginning of the school semester I decided to dye my hair blue.  The process to color it was crazy. I had to bleach my hair in order for it to take the bluish tone. Once you bleach your hair it can become fragile and prone to dryness and even damage. Once my hair was bleached it looked yellowish. It kind of reminded me a ramen noodles. To get my hair blue I used the color after midnight blue from the manic panic line. It is a vegan hair dye that has nothing in it to damage your hair, from my perspective.

The finished results left me with bluish greenish hair. In certain lights it looks green and in others it looks blue. I was excited about the results because it made me look different. I got a lot of compliments with the color. My boss on the other hand was shocked. I secretly feel like she did not like what I did since I work in an office. OH WELL!!!

Overtime I started to see more people with the color and I started to feel like a clone. Suddenly everybody wanted to be blue. It just got to a point where I did not want to deal with it no more. To get rid of the oh so “Popular” color, I decided to use color oops. Color oops is a product that removes temporary, semi, demi permanent color from your hair. It shrinks the color molecules and turns back into the previous color before the dye. The only issue is that if you do not wash your hair thoroughly then the color will return. Unfortunately that was what happened to me. Constant shampooing to my hair was drying it out. I felt like I was washing forever. After washing, I gave myself a protein treatment. As I was checking on the results of the treatment I noticed my hair was turning greenish. I quickly started washing my hair again, but it was too late. The color molecules were restoring. By the morning i woke up green, and i was upset. I felt like a tree. After work I purchased two bottle of permanent black dye. By that night my hair was black, but there were consequences to my actions. My hair texture changed, and my hair became flatter than normal. I put so more stress on my hair in two days that it was very weak. Now I am on the path of restoring my hair to health.


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By Blue Hair Bandit

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