The calm that came before the storm-AS

vi123The first thing I wanna say is that I cried real tears from the bottom of my heart when I watched “The Internet’s Own Boy” documentary about Aaron Schwartz and who ever is not moved by the injustice of what happened to him did not truly watch this documentary. I found what they did to Aaron Schwartz completely disgusting, dishonorable and hateful. I still can’t believe that they were able to tear this man down limb by limb just so they could, like always, abuse their power,  make things work better for them financially and also so that they wouldn’t look bad. To think all Aaron wanted to do was better the world in his own way. What Aaron was doing was not a crime, it was his own way of trying to equalize the world the only way he thought he could or knew how to. Which was with his internet prowess and affinity for finding correlations between different factors, which he was using to benefit the world as a whole and not the government’s pocket and that lead to the unfortunate events that occurred. They basically said your wrong to try and share who’s “public” with the public and are now going to be punished so that we can save face and so that others like you will be deterred. Which is ridiculous and unreasonable and is another example of how the creative process is being killed with increasing speed, due to different copyright/ infringement laws that are making not only difficult but almost impossible to expand your creativity and share what you know without breaking the law.

I find every single moment of the Aaron Schwartz’s work to be an important moment as both a programmer and an activist because it lead to so much change, but what specifically spoke to me from the documentary, that I found was a giant moment in his work as an activist and a programmer, was when he took the initiative to and started to fight for everyone’s rights on the internet by fighting against the antiquated copy right laws that were holding people back. It’s significant because with all the changes and research he did I whole heartedly believe that it has changed and will continue to change people’s lives, because of how inspirational his word, his movements and his bravery! I love how he fought to change the world with his knowledge and I believe others will.

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