Copy right laws can be joy kills!

Copyrights are laws that the United States created, that enables a creator of any type of original project/material the rights of use and distribution and we have these copyright laws so that the creator’s of the original work is protected by the law. Which means someone else can’t use their material/project to profit or claim that original work as their own. It’s basically the same concept as the plagiarism of literature but for digital media and online contexts that people have put up.

I think that people should be very careful with the different things that they copy or re-share on social media sites and so on, more frequently because they might not even know that they are violating the copyright laws that have been established and they can be fined, sued or even sent to jail because of some minor infraction or because they didn’t know that they were violating an actual law by sharing something, or copying and pasting something on their wall. The fair use of copyright laws, is the limited use of the original work or the exception of someone else’s work without the original creator’s direct consent.

I watched the video about Larry Lessig’s ideas on “Law’s that choke creativity” and after watching it I have come to the conclusion that I completely and totally agree with he’s saying when he talks about how  “The vocal chords will be eliminated by the process of evolution as was the tale of man when he came from the ape …we can describe it using modern computer terminology as a kind of read-write culture. It’s a culture when people participate in the creation and the re-creation of their culture in the sense it’s read write. Susa’s fear was that we would lose that capacity because of these “infernal machines”.” I think he’s totally right to say that Susa was right because technology has made it easier for people to copy off each other instead of everyone having to think or try to come up with their own original ideas, they’re just going online and sometimes hijacking other people’s ideas. It’s hurting people’s capacity to be creative and original. “Common sense revolts at the idea.”

Another large quote (lol) that really caught my attention was “These tools of creativity, have become tools of speech. It is a literacy for this generation. This is how our kids speak. It is how our kids think. It is how your are, as they increasingly understand digital technology’s and their relationship to themselves.” I agree that technology has made people lazy and has put a damper on their originality but that doesn’t always apply to everyone in the world, especially our generation. Now people are using technology to make GIF’s and other projects to describe and illustrate how they’re feeling and they’re giving voices to their artistic views by using certain tools to do so. Which has lead to this being a new way of communicating more than words on social media sites and so on.

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