Advices given by Sempai/Oppa~

I have taken all their advice to accounting. It is good advice especially when  there was this sign that said “Time for some undeserved but necessary free form creative procrastination”

  1. Maintain your domain, your site, and your web hosting account.
  2. Keep adding work to your site.
  3. What you make outside of class is as important as what you make for class. 
  4. Take responsibility for your work, develop sustainable working habits.
  5. Considering content that already excites you.
  6. Organizing/archiving interesting content, opinions, tutorials, etc.
  7. Light habits of making.
  8. Constructed Experiments.

These were the advices that were given by my seniors~ kamsahamnida Oppa~~ (if you know some Korean then you know what I just said ;D)

Arigato Sempai!

↑↑(If you know Japanese, the you also know what I said up there :3)

CT101 Digital Storytelling