New Car 2015 Camry!

The Camry has been America’s bestselling car for 12 years running, cashing in on a reputation for reliability, value, and unobtrusive motoring. But the Camry name is not one you’re not likely to hear when hotshoes get together to talk cars, unless it’s accompanied by a yawn.

Predictably, Toyota product planners and marketing types aren’t happy with their car’s bland image, and the Camry’s extensive 2015 refresh is aimed at adding a little more adrenaline to a driving experience that has hitherto appealed mostly to people who aren’t really interested in driving.

The update includes an almost total reskin and comprehensive interior upgrades. But the key to expanding the Camry’s appeal to those who prioritize eager responses and a sense of engagement—traits we lump under the fun-to-drive heading—lies in upgrading the department of dynamics.

In addition to sportier suspension tuning and revisions to the electric power steering system to improve feel, especially on-center, the chassis also benefits from selective stiffening, in particular with more spot-welds around the door-opening flanges. Toyota refrained from citing specifics regarding chassis rigidity, but a stiffer structure is almost invariably a better starting point for improving transient response and all-around response.”


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