Weekly 15

After listening to his recent Keynote at DConstruct, I very like this quote

“There are noble things on the internet too. There are some surviving abuse, landing on Youtube inbox are not pirate TV they are personal communication. They are dialogue they are also footage from war zones. They are raw stuff of communication same for Tweets and Facebook posts.”

I agree to this quote because everyday in the internet there are a lot of new videos or tweets or posts. Not everyone of them is comedy or just for fun some of them have meanings behind them. Some of us often overlook many important videos of raw images, many of us are too focused on music or television that we don’t notice serious videos. Those videos can educate us to knowing whats happening outside of the world and major international news. I’m afraid someone else will take my work and post a negative image on it causing my work originally to be positive into something negative and unpleasant.

CT101 Digital Storytelling