They Want EFX

Listen to a favorite song on YouTube and do your best to answer the following questions about Panning and Effects:

1) What instruments are playing? (Ex. guitar, drums, female vocals, synthesizer)

2) What effects do you hear on the different instruments? (Ex. distortion on the guitar, reverb on the vocals, delay on the synthesizer)

3) Where are the different instruments panned? Do you hear a certain instrument only in the left ear, only in the right, equally in both? (Ex. guitar=left, vocals=center, keyboard=right)

4) Which instruments do you hear the loudest? The softest? (Ex. loudest instruments are vocals and guitar, softest instruments are shaker and string section)

One of my favorite songs right now is Kanye West ft T Pain- Good Life

  1. The only instruments I really recognize are drums, strings, vocals (male), and maybe a synthesizer.
  2. There seems to be some distortion on some vocal in the chorus to the point where it’s not recognizable as words.
  3. For the vocals of Kanye and T-Pain I think I hear Kanye in the left ear and T-Pain in the right.
  4. The Synthesizer is the loudest instrument and I think the Kick is just a loud if not just a level or two lower.

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