Tell Me More….

Tell me more, I’m listening! I came across this post a while back, but never took the initiative to really start anything. After reading the advice from our CT major students, it helps, prompt me to continue my works. It’s great that they say to keep working at it, even if its not a finished product, still post it. I recall, recently asking my professor about the Reclaim Hosting domain name- is it always free after this? Does it end after the semester ends as well? Luckily, he encourages that I keep my domain and keep posting, after all it’s only $25 yearly! That’s awesome! I really would like to gear my web page into a photo gallery where viewers can visually see my works and what it’s worth, that they would also be interested in my work.

I think the most helpful advice from CT 399 students would be to maintain your domain etc… Without one, whatever I do now will become i existent in the future. And that is something I will not allow to happen. I think procrastination would be the least helpful because, it slows you down. And once that happens, it is hard to pick up your pace. I already do the 1st four advice and I would like to work on the last for, mainly constructing experiments and organizing.

CT101 Digital Storytelling