My 5 Favorite Cartoon Characters

I have gotten this question quite a few times and throughout the years i have had plenty of cartoons to love.  Some I love more than others but these are my 5 favorites in no particular order

Mickey Mouse (Disney)

Mickey Mouse was the first  cartoon I watched. When my mom popped in Fantasia 2000 and I watched the Sorcerers Apprentice I was hooked. Mickey was like this little ball of curiosity that appeared on my screen and I was enamored with. He was curious and colorful and even when he had a problem with someone he was never mean spirited. He was my first cartoon and will forever be my favorite.

Speedy Gonzalez (Looney Toons)

Looney Tunes is probably one of my favorite things and will forever have a place in my heart. But while some people love Bugs,Daffy, Or even Tweety my favorite was “The Fastest Mouse in All of Mexico “. Speedy had all the speed of the Road Runner, all the cockiness of Bugs, and almost the near adorableness of Tweety. I used to go running around the house  screaming “Ariba” every time that  little mouse came up on the screen.

Mabel Pines(Gravity Falls)

She may be new on the block but she is the reason that I love that show. Mabel is a funny, quirky and exciteable young girl and she is one of the main sources of humor in the show. She is just so optimistic and funny but she never really comes off as a real idiot. To imagine her just think that Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony combined them and made them just a little more awesome. And it doesn’t hurt  that she is voiced by Kristen Schal (which is pretty sick). But Mabel Pines is one of the coolest characters on television hands down.

Goofy (Disney)

Holy cow do I love Goofy! Goofy was introduced to me on the Goofy Movie and he was a mile a minute laughs. I loved Goofy because he just is so … silly! He means well and only wants to do good but he ends up messing up. But he is funny, loveable and always loyal to his friends Mickey and Donald. Honestly who does not love Goofy?

Toph ( Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Toph is the person I wanted to be when I grew up. She was tough smart and independent. She was funny and opinionated and the best part was that she was 12 years old. As a blind girl in a society of rules she is the greatest Earthbender in the world and I really liked that a young female character was not weak or a damsel in distress and That is why Toph Bei Fong is on this list.


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