Internet fame can make or break you WR#12

Instead of reading the reviews for Cory Doctorow’s Fame Won’t Make You Rich, But You Can’t Get Paid Without It, to listen to his interview on Publisher Weekly’s Radio 95. One part of the interview that grabbed my attention was when he spoke about how authors get money, then the publishers and the tech would be the last. Since then things have changed. Authors are not really getting that much money any more since publishers and the tech world have some how conned there way through getting paid first. Most people think that author do not get that much money because of this but Doctorow explains that this is not usually the case. People who make a lot of money are not really touched by this fact, indie writers can be hurt in some way and for starting authors it can be a small gain. Not only that but there is a huge competition on who’s book will be worth more on whoever publisher or on whoever’s site.

The title of his book also catches my attention because in most cases this can be true. depending on what career you are choosing you can either be famous and get paid or not. Not every that become famous get paid right away. In most cases they will take what they learnt from being famous that one time and build off of it. It makes sense also that the someone who hires you will pay you more because of the fame you have collected with what you are doing. It will give the company more recognition and fame for themselves also. Fame can be a very touchy subject. It can make you and sadly break you. Choosing the people you work with or the type or work you do can be beneficial to your cause but it also have to be beneficial for the company you work for.

In my friends case she just recently gotten good start on her youtube channel. I’m not really worried about your stuff being stolen since she puts up videos mostly on her hair. She does do a bit of cosplay make up also but it’s not something that can be stolen. Copied yes, stolen possibly not. If someone will commit such an act the only thing anybody can do it contact the support and make a complaint. Sadly people who start off when in the youtube industry can be copied by people who are more popular and others may not know. All the credit would go to the more popular person then the person who made the idea and others may post negative things on there page. The internet has a lot of good things along with a lot of bad and dangerous acts.

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