Copy Machine Society

I would consider my friends and I creative beings. We are into different aspects of art. My best friend  draws and she post it online without fear. I on the other hand usually to add my own signature at the bottom or make some type of watermark. By adding my tag at the bottom of my work assures me in a way that people will know it is mine. I used to love writing fiction, and I was interested in doing fan fiction. My fear was someone using my idea and getting noticed for it.

I want to show the world how creative of a writer I am but, but I just fear someone to take my idea and use or alter it in some way. Doctorow’s 2nd Law is “Fame Won’t Make You Rich, But You Can’t Get Paid Without It.”  I agree with what he is trying to say. In the article “We Copy Like We Breathe,” he stated that “You can sell stuff, you can ask for donations, you can perform, you can wrap works in advertisements, you can license it, you can take commissions, but whatever it is you plan to do to make money, you can’t do any of it unless people want to be your audience.” I agree because it connects to his second law. In order for myself to get noticed I have to put my work out there. You have to build up a fan base. From there the fan base you build up will buy your work because they are a fellow supporter. It is inevitable for things not to get copied on the internet. Once you upload something that right there is considered a copy. Fame will build you up and your audience will get bigger due to constant sharing or copying of your work, but every little thing done to your work you will not vet paid for. That is my interpretation of his law.



By Blue Hair Bandit

Call me Tay Just an awkward girl with the curls

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