Archiving Through Tumblr



In a sense, I have been practicing archiving for a little over four years now through the blogging website, Tumblr. I don’t post any original content of my own so my blog consists of purely things that I’ve “reblogged” from other people that I follow on the site. It is literally a collection of things that appeal to me, that have been created and produced by other people. I usually browse through my own blog whenever I’m looking for inspiration/content for a project. I do also partake in bookmarking certain web pages that have content that I’d like to reference back to.

I chose the above gif from my Tumblr archive because I believe it describes my blog pretty well, artistically and metaphorically speaking. There are times where I’ll be inactive for a few days which represents the calm after the colorful burst, but when I start posting again, I reblog tons of images and gifs in a short period of time which is represented by the colorful burst, itself. My Tumblr is the epitome of everything I’m interested in and like, in terms of visual stimuli.

I also like the fact that this gif is looped very cleanly and can be viewed as anything from space or an eye.

By Katelyn Kemble

Creative and technical student studying at York College; steering towards majoring in Communications Technology.

CT101 Digital Storytelling