Synthesizers Are “Allright” With Me

Briefly research a synthesizer made before 1980, find a YouTube video with a demonstration of its sounds, and answer the following:

1) When was it invented? By Whom?

2) What type(s) of synthesis does it use?

3) Any famous musical artists who have used it?

(Feel free to include additional YouTube links of songs.)

The synthesizer I picked as the Hammond Organ which was invented by Laurens Hammond. This electric organ was invented in 1934 and first manufactured in 1935.

It uses an additive synthesis which is also known as “building a sound” from a collection of different sine waves.

James Oscar “Jimmy” Smith, Booker T Jones, and Matthew Fisher were some of the famous musical artist that have used the Hammond Organ.

Here is a video of Jimmy Smith playing Its Allright With Me:

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