Song Form

Chose a song from YouTube, then listen to it a few times to determine the song form (example below). Include the names of the different sections and then length, in measures/bars, of each. You may also include addition notes about instrumentation, etc.


Intro 4 (only piano and guitar)
Verse 8
Chorus 8
Verse 8
Chorus 8 (no drums)
Bridge 8
Chorus 8 (add string orchestra)
Chorus 8 (key change)

For this week’s journal the song I chose was Good Life by Kanye West ft. T Pain. Although I have trouble determining different instruments I was still able to notice certain differences between the intro, choruses, verses, bridge, and the outro.

Intro 8 (Beat is low and slow)

Chorus 8 (Beat becomes louder, seems faster, kick is added, towards the end everything is dropped but the vocals of Kanye and T Pain and one instrument I can’t recognize)

Verse 16

Chorus 8 (Towards the end of chorus there are only strings playing, in a way this lets you know that the verse is coming back around)

Verse 16 (This verse has a lot of drops of instruments for emphasis)

Chorus 8

Verse 8 (The beat totally switched, nothing like the beat in the beginning, mainly background vocals from outside source and singing)

Bridge/Outro 8 (Just strings for 4 bars, the other 4 goes back to the original beat.)

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