Ignoring The Lyrics

Lyrics can distract us from what’s going on musically in a song. For this week’s Journal entry, select a song from YouTube in a foreign language that you DON’T understand. Answer the following:

1) What instruments do you here in it? (ex. vocals, guitar, drums, synthesizers, string section, percussion, etc.)

2) How does the artist use repetition? (ex. repeated hooks, beats, phrases, etc.)

3) Pick three attributes of this song that you could apply to your own project. (ex. a specific instrument, a certain rhythm, a genre, a mood, etc.)

Make sure to include a link to the song on YouTube so your classmates can listen to it.

I’m actually surprised no on picked my song for this journal entry. The song I chose was Gangnam Style by PSY, a Korean artist.

1) In this song I’m like 95 percent sure the song is made majority (if not entirely) of synthesizers.

2) The artist uses the repetition of the melody of the whole song and the beat to make it relevant to people of all different backgrounds. I think we are all guilty of singing this sound and not knowing, let alone understanding, a single word. It is the melody of the song that makes is so catchy, you can basically sing your own words as long as it goes with the melody. Don’t believe me? Next time you hear the hook to the song mumble “Ketchup. I want it lower. You aint know? Get on the floor.” (*side note* yes, you have to say “aint” and not you didn’t know)

3) Three attributes I would like to apply to my own project are:

The use of synthesizers, I was actually not going to pick the song only because the first question asked about what instruments were involved and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I think it is pretty cool to come up with a unique sound that isn’t assigned to any one instrument.

I like a rhythm where anybody can get into it from a happy go lucky kid to the tough guy in the room.
Of course, like I said last week, I want to incorporate a “feel good” mood to my music. People listen to, buy, and like songs because of the mood it puts them in. No one really knows the words to this song, yet they really enjoy the song, it must be something.

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