Favorite Song

To get the Music Journal going I say we start off basic and get a little more advanced as we go along. For our first journal entry we are going to:

Pick a favorite song (and include a link to it on YouTube), then answer the following:

–Why do you like it?

–What makes it memorable / interesting?

–What elements of the song would you like to incorporate into your own music?

Although it’s not my favorite song, the song I chose was Loyal by Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne and Tyga. I like it because to me it’s a “feel good” type of song that everybody can enjoy. Although with deep research some may find the song’s lyrics to be rude, but that’s all subjective. I think with songs like this most people tend to listen to the beat and melody more so than the words. The song is catchy and that’s what makes it enjoyable, and the fact that the lyrics could stand true in anyone’s life.
I think the beginning of the song is the most memorable. Those fast few keys that play in the beginning is recognizable to anybody as “Loyal”, and you don’t get that with a lot of songs now a days. There are plenty of times I am listening to the radio, a song comes on and as I get ready to sing I realize it’s actually a totally different song. A lot of songs on the radio have the same or similar sound and/or beat. Whereas this song has a beginning that’s unique and sets it apart from other songs.
The top elements of this song that I would like to incorporate into my own music are its uniqueness and its feel good approach. I believe that people are more likely to buy/listen to music that makes them feel good. Whether it makes you think like Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” or makes you want to party like Kid N’ Play’s “Aint Gon Hurt Nobody”, people want music they can feel. If I could produce music that has the power to change or enhance someone’s attitude I have done my job. Also I think adlibs can really make or break a song, so I would like to learn how to effectively use adlibs.

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