In the Archives

For public archiving, depending on the app or  website I do different things. For Instgram I would use hashtags. You can create your own unique hashtag and whenever you click that hashtag you will see all the photos and videos you posted up.For example, when it was my sister’s birthday we posted pictures and videos on Instgram and hashtagged it AlannahDay. If anyone wanted to look at pictures from that day all they have to do is look up that hashtag. For Pinterest I would pin the things I like in their own group. When I use YouTube I just subscribe to whatever channels that I find are interesting. If it is something I would definitely watch again I would like it or put it in my favorites. I also have an old photobucket account I used to use when it was popular. It has all the photos I uploaded from middle school until now. On my laptop I would organize my bookmarks so everything wouldn’t be all over the place. I would create bookmark folders for certain classes that requires research papers and for my past obsession with fanfiction. An example of mt archives is my YouTube Like playlist

By Blue Hair Bandit

Call me Tay Just an awkward girl with the curls

CT101 Digital Storytelling