Art should never be on the side of censorship

I do not know if anyone has seen the spoon drip catcher but when I read this was a 3d design I had to watch it. However this is quite relative to this weeks weekly reflection. I do not know Katelyn Kemble but she is taking ct101 but as a classmate I worry that someone would steal my idea. The problem is that although it may not be sold as she intended it could be reintroduced useful for something else.

“Using a product in an unintroduced way should not be a felony” stated by Cory Doctorow is an interesting notion. He is correct but for this reason it freaks me out for putting my idea, any idea out there. The fear lays in the thought that anyone can take and reinterpret the idea, make it better. My advice for Miss. Kemble is to know when your idea is too good to just let it be free knowledge. Than again if we all thought like this than knowledge would no longer be free, in fear that someone could be better than us. This stumps me, but as Cory Doctorow states he rather live in a world of free and fair internet. (I listened to this as well for my quote!)

By brittg

Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling