Self-Assessment WR#11

When doing the self-assessment I realized there was something things that was on the sheet that I did not really implement onto my personal site. First things first, I’m not really a fan of customizing which is puzzling to some but yeah I think it looks a bit messy if I do it. I don’t have favorites when it comes to things I like. I like everything equally so it would just look like a clutter mess of images. My site layout is also pretty simple. The design I have with the posts in the center, recent posts, comments and archives is on the right. The menu buttons is also on the top. I feel good about my weekly reflections and my game reviews. My game are a bit slow since there are a few games that I have, I finished from a long time ago and I can’t just write about something I can barely remember. It’s easy but remembrance comes into play For my weekly it quite easy to catch up to since it is given to us. I feel a bit good about my posts. I’m fine with posting at least 1 or 2 posts a week. I am pushing my way through this a day at a time trying to find content post about.


CT101 Digital Storytelling