My thoughts on Doctorrow and Molly Crabapple advice on the creative industry

I enjoyed what I learned in class about Doctorrow’s book on information not wanting to be free and people in the creative industry. He really pointed out some amazing facts and aspects to consider for artists or anybody who uses the internet as a platform for their business. I agree that information doesn’t want to be free. People do want to be acknowledged for their work whether its original or not. Each creative individual each believe they have something to offer to society by sharing their art and connecting with people. Its a passion. Whether a person is a music artist, painter, or book writer, they want some credibility because why wouldn’t anyone want to make a living doing something they’re naturally good at and love? But at the same time you cant really expect social media to do all the magic for you. And like Molly said, the Internet will not save creators. Nothing will save creators except for themselves and others that are willing to support them and each other as a whole and as a people who appreciate information and arts. Although the Internet did help make Molly’s success as a artist possible, the Internet is now becoming more centralized and corporate with restrictions and risk of getting your work stolen. But you have to start somewhere and know when and where to take the chance. Its good not to trust anyone fully, think of everything in a cynical attitude concerning your success and make sure you have a separate income on the side in case if things crash.

CT101 Digital Storytelling