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Bleachers Report is a internet source that covers many famous sports such as basketball. football, tennis, soccer and many more great sports. It was launched in 2007 then later acquired by Turner Broadcasting System. The digital media company is based in San Francisco. It cover a lot of sports around the world with update news on players, teams, coaches, owners, and even journalist. I think it is the best platform to use if you are a sports fan and want to find out about your favorite sports, player and team. It is available on many different technologies. There is now a applications for phones or tablets and computers. It is now being advertised all over the United States for sports fans to go to and find out the latest updated sport stories. I use Bleachers Report for the sports I like such as basketball and football. It interest me because I love knowing the latest news about basketball or any other sports. I believe if you are a sports fan then you will immediately find interest in this digital media source. It has been great for the NBA, NFL, MLB, and other sports league. It keeps fans like myself tuned in with what’s going on in the sports world. I would suggest this to any sports fan and sports journalist out there who likes getting information.bleacher-report-hed-2012

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