My inspiration.


The people that inspires me aren’t necessarily real. I  choose Captain Kirk as my inspiration. I have been a fan of Star Trek since I was a child. I like John Luke Pichard in every regards, if I was to choose from the two my favorite would be captain Kirk.

Like me he is charismatic, calm under pressure, sees the job to end, and is not afraid to use force if necessary. He uses his instincts, and better judgement simultaneously. He is fearless in times of danger, never afraid to go anywhere, and face any adversary, and still makes time for the ladies.

All of these atributes comes from a man who can find humor in any situation. He commands respect from his peers(weather human or other), and runs his starship with extreme efficiency. For this reason I choose Captain Kirk, because no man I ever met in this world does what he does how he does it.








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