Gravity Falls Y U So Underrated?

Gravity Falls you wound me so. This show is the best thing to come out of cartoons since Avatar: The Last Airbender. I feel like I  am going to get beat up for that last comment but I believe it to be true. I kind of got a little mess for having this show as high as I did. Now a more mature person wouldn’t even care. But my love of this show and it’s fandom almost compels me to try and explain why this show is awesome. But first let me explain The Plot!

Twins  Dipper and Mabel Pines have been  shipped up to their great uncle or Grunkle Stan in the Sleepy Town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. All seems well until Dipper finds a strange journal that holds all the secrets of Gravity Falls. Monsters, Mermaids, Gnomes and Goblins are just part of the fabric of Gravity Falls.

Now Let me make a case of why this show is awesome.

The Characters

Dipper and Mabel are what I always wanted for a sibling relationship.  Dipper is smart, neurotic, and anxious but is not obnoxious. He is a little jealous of his sisters ability to be able to make friends but he loves his sister with all his heart. Mabel is a free spirited wild child and is tied for my favorite character. She doesn’t really care about mysteries and is into really wild things. She is a little of jealous of her brothers mental ability but  she would genuinely do any thing to help her brother. The show makes you realize all of their insecurities and their sacrifices for the people they love. Plus they are adorable.

Mean while another character I love is Grunkle Stan. To describe Stan is pretty hard so I will simplify it to the greatest extent. Take Carl from the movie Up and make him taller and a con man that is a good picture. Stan is not the most moral of summer overseers but  he would do anything for his family. Any thing.

There are other characters like Stan’s handyman Soos. He is a lovable man child who is like a big brother to Mabel and Dipper. And finally a  man child who isn’t a complete idiot. And then there is Wendy who is a laid-back teenager who genuinely is a complete boss. Don’t believe me? Her dad is a Lumberjack and she has three brothers just as insane as he is. So she pretty much inherited her awesome.

All in all the main cast is interesting because they all have reasons for being the way they are. While some of it is shrouded in mystery. The characters actually feel like real people.

The Enemies

What would a good mystery show be without some sci-fi and straight up horror monsters . From the monstrous Gremoblin to the gnomes of the forest to Gravity Falls own secret society Dipper and Mabel have pretty much handled everything the town could throw at them.

However the real big villains are one Lil Gideon and Bill Cipher. Gideon is a little cute evil psycho also bent on finding out the secrets of Gravity Falls. Apparently so much that he is willing to kill to get this secret. I mean look at this.

And Bill Cipher is a dream demon from the  mindscape. And if you love funny villains this guy is probably one of the funniest villains around. This guy seemingly takes nothing seriously. But he is very powerful and devious and very smart. In this scene he tricks one of the smartest people in the show in the most devious ways possible.

These villains are entertaining and funny. Lets just hope Dipper and Mabel are up for this.

The Humor

Just take a look at this.

This is the humor of Gravity Falls cranked up to 11. This show is so funny and for all ages. And not once does it rely on toilet humor. They treat the kids watching like smart kids like they know what is going on. It also brings in viewers of older audiences with it’s humor because of references the older kids could get like a Sailor Moon reference, Multiple Anime references, Arcade Video Game references and many more. The Humor is gut busting and when it hits, dude it hits hard.

The Codes and Mysteries

The Mysteries of Gravity Falls don’t just limit themselves to the characters. There are puzzles and clues and ciphers hidden throughout the show and even when the credits roll. The fun in figuring out the codes are that they lead to more questions being asked, this makes you even more excited for the next episode just to see what happens next.

All this and more is why Gravity Falls is awesome and why I feel that this show is not watched enough. So watch this show, it is really too good to miss.



By dannyblaxon

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