The Story of Aaron Swartz

I chose to watch the documentary on Aaron Swartz “The Internet’s Own Boy”. I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the film it was well put together and kept my interest from beginning to end. Aaron in my opinion was a genius from birth you could just tell from the footage from when he was a child they were able to include in this film.


While watching this documentary I came across the moment I believe was an important idea in Aaron’s life as programmer. The moment in the film where he’s being interviewed and he’s talking directly into the camera. At exactly 11:49 in this film he speaks about school and how he felt about the school system, the education system and the professors. Aaron started to question everything. He said “Once I started questioning the school I was in, I started questioning the society that built the school, I questioned the businesses that the school was training people for and the government that set up this whole structure.”

Once he began questioning these subjects he made up his mind to drop out of school. I feel like this was an important idea in his life because dropping out of school can be a big deal for most people. He was just simply too smart for school he thought that everything he was learning in school he could have just read in a book and he wasn’t interested in what they were teaching him. He didn’t care about American History he wanted to know about the web. Again I feel like this was an important time in his life because it probably was the best decision he’s probably made in his life and its quite ironic that something like dropping out of school can actually benefit you.


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