90’s Cartoon Galore!!!!

I choose  25 Top Cartoons in the 90’s because I am a 90’s baby. I was born in 1994 and remember all the times I would watch cartoons in the morning, evening and night with my sister, my youngest uncle, and my numerous cousins. I LOVED cartoons as a kid and this brought back soo many  memories. I still love cartoons now as a young adult, but I have drifted from the television over the years. A lot of these old cartoons are cancelled and some aren’t shown all the time. I know Nick has a time when they dedicate a 90’s show for viewers who enjoyed the nostalgic memories of their childhood. But not all the shows are included which is a bummer.  But I can still watch a few good episodes on Youtube thanks to people who have a whole channel with throw back cartoons.

I found out two things I didn’t know about this particular cartoon that was in this mash-up video of 90’s cartoons was Rugrats. Now this show is very popular beside Hey Arnold and a few others. The creators for the Rugrats were also the creators for another show I became obsessed with along with my oldest sister was the Thornberries. I loved that show which was basically based on a family of five that traveled to different parts of the world, on crazy adventures and often times found themselves in a crazy dilemma but always got out safe. The other thing I heard about was the theory behind the Rugrats and the characters. It is said the babies were only a part of Angelica’s imagination. They were all dead from several disturbing and sad causes and only Dil And Susie were real. It was also said Angelica was a crack baby, whose mother was a drug addict and died or walk out on her and her father when she was a baby. Imagining the babies was her only way of coping along with the doll she was called Cynthia that was suppose to be a symbolism of her drug addict mother, which is why the doll looks dismantled. But she never made the doll leave her side regardless of her other glamorous toys.  But this is only a theory. It makes me curious and puzzles me because I wonder if its true. They said its based on a real character name Angelica who was in fact  Schizophrenia and a crack baby. But who knowsQ

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