Where Am I Now?

So far, I have a pretty good start with my webpage. Although, I wish there are more done but the time I get to do it is hardly ever! I would like to keep this page for future purposes in photography. Uploading and sharing my work with viewers so that they can comment and reply on my work. I feel great about my homepage because I’ve created a few simplified options that allows my viewers to understand the purpose of m page. I would really love to create some videos and Gif’s to add on my page that is related to photography. The media is such a broad layout that there are so many things to choose from. What best interests me are, film, music, photography and a lot more that involves media.

Sadly, I haven’t done much since I first created my webpage however, I do have plans to use it. Therefore, I really need to keep up with what I do outside of class to upload and post.



CT101 Digital Storytelling