Digital Storytelling #2

For my second digital storytelling I made a GIF once again. It was for one of the weekly reflections so I decided to also place the GIF here.



Tada this is my GIF! It looks simple yes but it still was a bit hard for a beginner like me to do. The person in this GIF is Monkey D. Luffy, you can read more here. The steps are fairly simple you just have to remember them which I did only half way. The first thing I did was select the wanted and pasted it into another new page. I then seperately mapped out each letter and placed them on the original. I had a few troubles going back and forth with the “wanted” letters since I didn’t know how to place them but I pulled through. For the black and white I had to change the full image. Before I did that I made a copy of the original and and the edited photo and made those black and white. When turning the images into a animation it took me awhile to get it right but I got it done with the help of my professor. Besides that this is my finished product.

CT101 Digital Storytelling