Cyborg Bear

In this piece I had to make a character in Illustrator ( first time using Illustrator) for FA284 Graphic Class. I wasn’t to sure what to do at first, but I decided to make a bear related character, because I bear is constructed with simple curves and circles. So I started with the outline, of the bear and started with the head, and then work my way around completing the body. For creating the one arm, legs, nose and mouth I decided to use the Pen tool. The rest was created with the eclipses tool.



The next part was to add a gradient to each object. So I chosen a brown and a lighter brown, now each spaces that are white is an object that is layered. So the reason I am doing this is, because I would have more control. Now I am done with the gradients, I now move onto adding more details in the eyes and adding a robotic eye, and a robotic arm. The last part is to add glossy hard lights to bear to simulate a reflection.



CT101 Digital Storytelling