Always Create!

It is interesting to think about how the Internet is a community. We are able to help and teach other, which makes this worthwhile. The biggest thing I can take way from the 399 course is that you should always, ALWAYS use technology as life habits. I am usually against this because I feel that it creates a distinction of those who think they’re smarter because they have technological intelligence. I always felt that it is not all that cracked up,  because it delates the human interaction between people. I think this course is making me perceive things in the way of allowing for an expansion of the mind. How so? By creating an environment to learn more and do more, but I do not want to create a dependence on the Internet. However this is going to a big way of life and balance is key.

I like the point of “what you make outside of the class is as important as you make for the class”. I believe you can take every learning experience and apply it to various aspects of your life. Sometimes I make things and want to show the world but don’t have a means to do so. Therefore I end up feeling it wasn’t as great and it becomes only something I know about, I would like to change that. When I make things, I mean in terms of ideas. Ideas of how to get ahead or revelations about life in which could better a person. It sounds silly but being judged is not something I worry about, unless my behavior makes me feel sad than I have a true problem. When I work in class I make things that excite me and makes the wires in my mind spark… Things that I would like to see.

By brittg

Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling