A Blank Canvas

In regrading to this post I found that number 4 was the most helpful. “(Take responsibility for your work, develop sustainable working habits)”. At times I would get burnt out on Photoshop, and normally take a couple of weeks to a month off (depends on how burnt I am) when I get tired of making art work. I think to help not getting burnt out is that I would probably start pacing my self. I found number 1 and number 2 the least helpful, because when I came to York, my uncle told me before to make a WordPress site, and build a portfolio. He stated that’s how industry hire you is that they want to see your portfolio, and the skills you can do, also do personal projects. So I’ve been building my portfolio, because when I am in CT 399 I don’t want to struggle to add content to my portfolio.

CT101 Digital Storytelling