My Self assessment of my blog!!!

First off I have to start off with I am soo glad and feel magical I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE and I did the portrait GIF of my sister using a 1920s theme.  My site name is called, I have a custom tagline and that is I am a tv addict and a book lover! I read tons of book and tv is my guilty pleasure.

The site theme I use is Twenty Fourteen, it is such a simple layout and gives people a good view of where my posts and blogs are. Then my header image is a picture of the Maladives beach at night, I always wanted to go there with my friends or lover because the sand sparkles when night time and that makes the whole beach beautiful and magical. Then my background is a carousel because I was fascinated by them when I was little and still is. Carousel makes me feel like I have freedom and makes me feel everything is very beautiful.

My first page is mostly where my recent activities are and where the most updated articles. My second page is where mostly my TED talks articles and readings and lastly my third page is my oldest page from where my website has just started. My website has a side bar listing the archives from months so my readers can scroll and read from what months they desire to read. The Gif portrait is a fun project for me and I very like doing that but animated gifs and the talks are one of my favorites. I been learning alot in the GIF portrait and the photoshop process where you can replace the images and make the colors flash.  The above image is I feel soo  cool!!


CT101 Digital Storytelling