Blog site review

My feelings about my experience with my blog site and the class

Ok, so in the begining of the semester i had no idea how much brain power this class would take from me lol.  This class really makes you think for yourself, which is an aspect that i love. It also forces you to tap into your CREATIVE side. you must be able to think outide the box, and be responisble for your content.

My blogsite is not yet what i want it to look like. I am still underatnding all of the functions and purposes for the widgets. I myself am personally still understanding the navigations, and what everything really means.

For the most part i feel really good about how to desgin my doamin space, and i feel very confident about the content which i post. What i would like to focus on is some personally content i would like to blog , and the functions of all the widgets, i would like to experiment with them, and see if i like their functions, and if so use them in my domain.

CT101 Digital Storytelling