Arigatou… Uzumaki Naruto (SPOILERS!)

There are many feelings I have on this. Two weeks ago one of my favorite mangas, Naruto, ended. And it left me  feeling emotions. Happy, Sad, fufilled, excited. But there was one emotion I was surprised to have felt Pride. And not pride for the writer Kishimoto-sensei. I am talking pride in a character. The main character Naruto was just some ragtag, loudmouth, dumb(objective), prankster who just screamed about being Hokage ( Leader of The Village ).  The problem was that no one cared. No one even cared for him. All they saw was the Fox that was sealed within him that  destroyed the village the night he was born.

But That never deterred Naruto ,through a little bit of luck and an amazing force of will he became a Ninja of The Hidden Leaf Village. And from that point on it was nothing but hard work. Whether it was saving a village from a evil crime lord or saving the world from several almost god like beings he never gave up trying to protect those who were precious to him.

And now at the end of the road he now has a family with a wife and two kids. He finally achieved his dream of becoming the top ninja in his village. He achieved world peace! and even though he doesn’t need it he has the respect  of not only his village but the entire world.

So why do I feel so proud? maybe because I watched a boy grow into a man before my eyes. I feel like he grew up with me. We laughed together, we cried together, we ate ramen together ( Yes I ate Ramen while reading the books). And even though I was not always in love with his choices I am still proud of the man one of my favorite characters had become.

So thank you Naruto Uzumaki. You have been my inspiration, my hero and most importantly my friend. Believe it!



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