Advise put to work

The most important  or valuable piece of information that I take away from their advise is to maintain my domain space, which means I need to pay to renew my website, by paying the $25 fee every year.

It’s important to keep up and update my online identity. This is something I already know. So I try to continously work on my website. I want to work on more personal content that already excites me. I want to work on that.

I think every point the students made was valid. I didn’t find any point not helpful . I think students who are serious about their career, will work on their craft /blog site in and out of class. Always add to your site.  I found the green screen advise very interesting,  especially because  I’m interested in the t.v/film aspect. So I will definitely take that into consideration! Awesome advise.

Yaaaaaayyyy let’s get to work
CT101 Digital Storytelling