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The person who inspires me is this beautiful singer name Jhene Aiko. The thing that stood out to me in the article about her is when she said “This is me and if you wanted me to come in here with this whole speech about how I’m your next superstar that wasn’t going to happen.” Usually when people get the opportunity to meet with a big time music executive they try to sell themselves. That is something she did not do. She  was just naturally herself. She did not try to be something she is not to get where she is today. She stayed true to herself which I like.

Jhene Aiko inspires me through her music. Her last two albums so far has given me life. Every song’s message spoke to me and related to what I was going through. Her music flows like poetry and gets me through the train rides in the and afternoon from school. She motivates me because throughout trying to figure out where she would placed as in the music industry she stayed true to herself. Even though she is popular  you can hear through her music that she is true to herself. Her music sounds so true from my perspective. She makes me believe that when I am on my way to my dreams I should stay true to myself and never give up.

I chose this picture of her because her hair is giving me life and she just looks beautiful. I guess I consider this picture important to me because this was the same hairstyle she had in one of my favorite music videos by her, “The Pressure”.


By Blue Hair Bandit

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