Mishy Mashy Of portraits and the edity magic and GIF magic ((ᵔᴥᵔ()


Here shows Sesshoumaru from the anime Inuyasha, Itachi from the anime Naruto, Lightening from the RPG game Final Fantasy 13, Jaejoong from the korean boy group JYJ. They are characters/people that I respect, look up to, and really like. I mashed up a lot of photos and tried my best to mash it up but I really didn’t want it to look too weird and funky. I didn’t want to change their original look too much because I like them too much to change their features! As for the GIF I always want to do something related to Kiwi Wiwi so this specific GIF reveals how Kiwi admires a singer and then gets caught by Wiwi so Wiwi throws a rope on her and he is very upset at her looking at other guys. The GIF itself is called Wiwi’s Jealousy. Drawing each panel for this GIF took exceptionally long becuase at first I really didn’t know what to do and how Kiwi should interact with the following images. So i decided to have her pop from on place and run to another. The question mark in the beginning shows that she noticed that Jaejoong so she went from Itachi to Jaejoong.


CT101 Digital Storytelling