Reflection 9

What has been the most interesting work you’ve done so far in the class and why?

The most interesting work I’ve done has to be everything on copywriting.  When I’m mot I’m school I’m always creating and worrying if people will steal my work and get paid off of it.  Also I won’t receive the credit and props I truly deserve.

What has not?

Honestly, I hate GIFs.  I think the whole concept of a GIF is stupid.  Watching GIFs gives me headaches.  I cannot complain about making them because they are rather easy to make.

What else would inspire you to create work, reflect on it, and post?

I would like to draw my own character and animate it.  Bring one of my drawings to life would be so amazing and would inspire me to draw more and bring them all to life.

What makes this course difficult in compared to other traditional courses?

For me, staying disciplined and posting on time is my biggest difficulty.

What makes it easier if at all?

Being able to post whenever I want is what makes it easy and working on computers is easier for me because I have horrible hand writing that I can’t even read sometimes.

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